Who is eligible for membership with FISMC?

• You must be a sales manager employed by a food and/or grocery merchandise manufacturer or a sales manager directly selling products or services to the retail food trade channels.
• Employees of wholesale or retail grocers or buying organizations are not eligible.
• Application to the Club is first approved by the Membership Committee.
• Applicants must be then elected to membership by the Club.
• Membership is strictly social in nature and cannot be used to further business interests.
• Membership is not transferable to another person or company.
• Dues are annual: $150 per year with a one-time $100 initiation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions…

A. Yes, but they have to submit an application and be presented to the membership for a vote.

A. At your induction, you will be given your FISMC badge, FISMC pin and pen, and a copy of that year’s Club Roster. We will also ask you to tell us something about you and your company so that we may get to know you better.

A. We all understand that our jobs come first and there are no attendance requirements during the year. However, if you don’t attend events you won’t reap the maximum benefits the Club has to offer.

A. Go to our website and look at the list of Committees. Decide where you would best serve the Club and volunteer by contacting the Chair or Vice Chair of that Committee.

A. During the year we will have at least one event where we will honor a retailer that is “exclusive” to FSIMC members in good standing and one special guest. These are more intimate affairs, which is why we restrict attendance to a member and a guest. The retailer invites individuals from their senior management, so it is an excellent opportunity to socialize with our account’s top management.

A. Board members are selected by the Nominating Committee. Selection is based on how active a member is on event attendance and/or Committee participation, as well as how the member interacts within the membership. Nomination to the Board is a two-year term, with a monthly Board Meeting on the first Monday of the month. If selected to be an Officer, this is a five-year process of serving as Secretary,

Treasurer, Vice President, President, and then Immediate Past President of the Club.

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Who is eligible for membership with FISMC?